Dirt Jumper Bike Giveaway For Kids Rules

Your purchase funds bikes for kids for Christmas and can win you a bad ass Dirt Jump bike

Buy anything, a frame, bike parts, merchandise, shirts etc, anything on this site or Ride TRLS and you’ll be entered to win the pictured Ferrum Dirt Jumper Bike. The profits will go to buying kids bikes for Christmas. We have already purchased 25 bikes so far with your support! Your odds of winning are very high as we are a very small business with a small niche audience. We anticipate that there will be less than 50 total entrants! Your odds of winning are ridiculously high!

We are buying kids bikes and giving them to kids via the Loudon County Toys for Tots program. We have already amassed 25 bikes! Mostly Huffy and 2 GT “Friend Ship” Models. Please see the live entry list here: Live Dirt Jumper Entry List Please see full rules

Thank you for your support!


Win a Bike
Feel the stoke

Make Christmas Bright

For Less Fortunate Kids
Support the Future of the Sport!