DJ Ferrum 26″ Chromoly Steel Dirt Jumper Frame


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So many people have asked why we didn’t make a dirt jumper frame. We spend a lot of time on our other MTB frames and we’re a small company with limited capacity. Every customer we have is also a supporter, every bit of the the support we get we re-invest 100% back into our brand and do our best to allow us to work on new projects like this. We don’t just slap something together and call it good. We strive for the best and do our homework. We’ve been making frames for years now and the experience has been all the difference. We’re confident in our knowledge yet always humble regardless.

We designed a frame that wasn’t too small and wasn’t too large with modern 26″ Dirt jumper frame geometry that passionate dirt jumper fans require. We come from the DJ world but as the trends continue to shift, we consulted with a pool of other highly-skilled riders to land on some dreamy geometry.

We went for a size that gives most riders plenty of stability and comfort but kept the chainstays super short for responsiveness and maneuverability. Featuring a strong 38mm downtube and that beefy BB for those social media worthy send sessions. The DJ Ferrum, is a play on words but a beast on the pump track and on your favorite dirt jumps.

High tech Chromoly steel and Mid BB give you the confidence you need for the dirt jumps you’ll be hitting. Made for 135×10 rear hubs so most of your current kit can swap right over. Put your deposit in and get stoked! We will keep in touch with you regarding the process status and never leave you hanging!


– Down Tube Gusset
– Headtube Length: 115mm
– Headset: IS42/IS52
– Seat Tube Diameter: 27.2mm
– Integrated Seat Clamp 6×1.0mm bolt
– BB type: 68mm Spanish BB
– Rear Wheel/Hub Spacing: 135 X 10mm (MTB)
– 6mm Dropouts
– IS Disc Mounts
– Compatible with 1 1/8” and Tapered Steerer tube Forks
– Tire Clearance: 2.4″ (slammed)
– Designed for 26″ Wheels
– Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg



Suspension Fork

(470mm Axle to Crown)

Rigid Fork

(430mm Axle to Crown)

Head Tube Angle

70.2° 72.5°

Seat Tube Angle

70.7° 73°

Bottom Bracket Drop

7mm 12mm


420mm 440mm

Chainstay Length

375mm 375mm

Seat Tube Length

307mm 307mm

Headtube Length

115mm 115mm

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 8 × 40 × 20 in

Why Chromoly?

Why Chromoly?

Chromoly is much stronger than traditional steel and aluminum alloys. Chromoly is the most earth friendly material that we’ve seen besides bamboo that’s being made into bicycles. Studies show that chromoly requires 6-11 times less energy and emissions than competing materials to mine, manufacture and process.

Most people looking to buy our frame will have their minds made up on chromoly steel frames and prefer this material for their next frame but if you’re new to or curious about this amazing material, here are some of the advantages you’ll hear from experienced riders:


Chromoly steel bike frames possess a natural flex that absorbs sounds. While not completely silent when contact is made with rocks or roost, the ride is very stately feeling. Focus on the path ahead, not nuisances.


You’re buying a bike that will stand the test of time with proper care and maintenance. Imagine owning a bike that can be welded and repaired rather than degrade and be thrown away. Most people consider the user-friendly nature of chromoly to be a very wise investment.


Our steel full suspension mountain bike frames are engineered with controlled flex, working with the natural characteristics of heat treated chromoly and stiffening it up where it’s necessary for maximum efficiency. Chromoly tubing for a mountain bike is very thin yet incredibly strong, it has an inherent flex that people strive for in order to reduce vibrations translated to their hands and feet which works to reduce rider fatigue and increase rider comfort. Ride longer, more comfortably and much harder. Slight flex in the rear keeps the wheel planted in sharp hard turns keeping you on two wheels.


Chromoly’s strength to weight ratio rivals that of titanium yet it’s more affordable. Rest easy knowing what you’ve accepted as norm, steel is strong. Imagine a high-tech, lighter weight yet stronger alloy of steel being made into a frame for your next mountain bike. There are pluses and minuses for every known material being made into a mountain bike frame but welded seems, not glued, is something we personal feel is more solid and secure. Metal melted to metal, not piece, glued to piece. Fancy marketing words will lead you to believe other materials are “one solid piece” (“Monocoque”) but research shows that’s misleading, it’s actually multiple segments glued together into one piece which is strong too for only a comparably very short lifespan. Ride safe though, we can’t be held responsible for your new found feel of steel, ride at your own risk, ride responsible.

Color Examples

Color Examples

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2 Years Warranty / 4 Years Repair
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