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LV145 Chromoly Steel Mountain Bike Frame | USA Built Chromoly Steel Full Suspension Frame

More Fun

Bikes should be fun and not be taken so seriously. Single pivot steel frames are said to be more lively in the corners, off the jumps, with the jibs and when it’s rough. They maintain composure and handle the rough stuff by tracking over the top of the rocks, roots and bumps instead of getting hung up in them.

More Confidence

Sweet spot geo and pivot placement when combined with the single pivot action allows the bike to float over the nasty stuff. This combination provides you with a really fast rolling bike that gives you that feeling of confidence you strive for to not ride the brakes so hard or flinch at obstacles. Ultimately, nothing beats actual time on the bike and enjoying a low maintenance simple bike will help with that.

More Comfortable

Steel has a feel that has to be felt to be properly understood. It’s forgiving, easy on your joints and feels amazing. That rough chop and harsh vibration is either removed or significantly diminished. Less fatigue can result in more stamina so you will not feel as tired after those long days on the trails.

More Value

Have you shopped around for a steel full suspension mountain bike frame? One with this much design prowess and quality thought into it is impossible to find for anywhere near this price. Competitive frames are being sold for $2400-$3500 and while we believe ours is worth that also, our goal was to offer an extreme value to the mountain biking community to get our name out there and help fellow riders out.

Less Maintenance

We would rather ride our bikes than wrench on them. 4 pivot bearings for longer service intervals is the hallmark of our design.

Less Noise

Is this really all that important? Some people really don’t like distractions when they ride. Creaks and cracks, settling and friction sounds are all common on other aluminum and carbon fiber bike frames. Typical noises are not typical on steel Ferrum Bikes frames. There are sounds that can’t be avoided like contact with objects and non-frame related parts but the frame itself and its assemblies are nice and quiet.

Powder Coated vs Painted

We opt for powder coating on the NV170 for extreme durability compared to paint. If you’re unfamiliar with powder coating, it’s fine polyurethane (or similar) particles electrically deposited to the surface of the frame and cured in an oven at ~450 degrees farenheit where it then melts into a hard shell. It’s not impervious to damage but won’t chip as easy and it adds another level of durability.


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Just now stumbling into the awesome world of Chromoly Steel? Or maybe you’ve ridden this amazing material and you’re not going to settle for anything less? Chromoly provides a feel that adds more excitement and satisfaction to your ride. Less noise, chatter and nuisance while minimizing harshness and providing a supportive feel are some of the benefits to chromoly steel mountain bike frames. If you’re new to the sport or a long time veteran, the benefits of chromoly steel are noticeable regardless and we are confident that you’ll find new confidence in your riding once you throw a leg over the LV145 and take it for a rip down your favorite trail.


Pedals Like a Dream

It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! With our design, you have to forget the idea that higher travel means less efficiency. This is a powerful combination that will take on hill that you want to throw at it while still having the travel to soak up the roots and boulders. The Pivot Point on our LV145 was optimized and obsessed over to bring to you a bike that delivers over 100% Anti-squat through it’s travel. When you pedal, you want your bike to put all the power into the ground and not into the suspension to go to waste. Every pedal stroke can force the system to soak up some of that energy causing you to wear yourself out faster. The biggest factor that determines pedal efficiency is the Pivot Point. Looking at our Anti-squat curve, you’ll see that the LV145 delivers over 100% Anti-squat throughout it’s travel.


Your Wheelbase is More Consistent

We discovered a balance that others are just now starting to find with our Pivot Point working it’s magic. The first part of the axle path is regressive, meaning it grows to counteract a shrinking wheelbase. When descending the chunk, having a bike shrink on you can alter your handling and negatively effect your ride. The opposite of that is having too regressive of an axle path can cause your wheelbase to grow too much in corners throwing your corner speed off and causing an unpredictable handling characteristic in the twisties. Our mid-high pivot is the balance that others are just now realizing is working for them better as opposed to going with either ends of the spectrum.


CNC Machining

We opted for CNC machined shock mount/pivot arms to help give our frame it’s high end feel. Nothing says “high-end” more than CNC machined parts, especially our 4140 chromoly arms which are not kind to tooling and extremely expensive to machine. We spared no expense to offer a frame that despite it’s simplicity, it’s overachieving compared to bikes that cost a lot more.


Single Pivot Steeze and Durability

Stainless steel pivot axle and quad 6001-2rs bearings double stacked for longevity and rigidity where it matters most. Thanks to modern suspension technology, single pivot is back. Why single pivot? Easy maintenance and easy on your wallet. The ride is predictable and it doesn’t get hung up as easily on impacts which allows you to carry more speed on those steep descents. It offers a brilliant balance of amazing ride characteristics, simplicity and durability.



Slider Dropouts enable fine tuning of rear wheel adjustment due to wildly variable tire manufacturer sizing measurements. We think outside the box, so we offer a solution to fitment of your favorite size wheels and tires without sacrificing anything you’d love in a chromoly steel frame.


Modern Specs

Made for 73mm BSA bottom bracket, 148mm boost, internal cable routing for dropper seat posts, tapered forks. All your modern mountain bike specs in a more progressive and exciting package.

Additional information


Size 1, Size 2, Size 3

Size Chart & Geometry

We recommend short stems 32mm-40mm in length for proper sizing and handling characteristics. Pay attention to the Top Tube and Reach measurements, they may be different from what you’re used to do to our seat tube offset to clear the rear tire at full travel.

The LV was developed with progressive forward thinking geometry in mind. Utilizing slack geometry with 37-46mm offset forks provides a stable, fast and well handling steed.

Please feel free to Contact Us for sizing help.

Size 1
(5’5″/1.65m to 5’8″/1.78m)
Size 2
(5’8″/1.78m to 6’2″/1.84m)
Size 3
(6’2″/1.84m to 6’4″/1.98m)
(How the frame feels when standing)
465mm 475mm 510mm
Virtual/Effective Top Tube
(How the frame feels when seated and pedaling)
597mm 614mm 617mm
Head Tube Angle
64° (160mm Forks)
64.5° (150mm Forks)
64° (160mm Forks)
64.5° (150mm Forks)
64° (160mm Forks)
64.5° (150mm Forks)
Seat Tube Angle
76° (160mm Forks)
76.5° (150mm Forks)
76° (160mm Forks)
76.5° (150mm Forks)
76° (160mm Forks)
76.5° (150mm Forks)
Headtube Length
110mm 110mm 110mm
Bottom Bracket Drop
30mm 30mm 30mm
Wheel Base


1208mm 1225mm 1248mm
Front Center
773mm 790mm 813mm
Seat Tube Length
405mm 425mm 455mm
Chainstay Length
435mm (adjustable +15mm) 435mm (adjustable +15mm) 435mm (adjustable +15mm)


Modern Specs in a Steel Package

Frame Weight
8lbs 14oz/4kg To 10lbs/4.5kg (Medium-XL – raw, no hardware, no shock)
Not Included
Spec: ZS44-28.6/EC44-40 (example: Cane Creek Part Number BAA0717K or other brand)
Rear Axle
Spec: 180mm Length – 12×1.5 Thread Pitch
Derailleur Hanger
Spec: Allotec C52
UDH Compatible via Paragon Machine Works UDH Sliding Dropout Available for Purchase Here (Not Included)
Rear Wheel Travel
~145mm (Axle Path)
Rear Wheel Tire Clearance
Up To ~27.5×2.6″ to 29×2.5″
Rear Shock
200x50mm (7.875″x2″)
Shock Hardware
22x8mm Front and 40x8mm Rear
Hub Spacing Rear
BOOST 148mmx12mm (Axle Included)
Bottom Bracket Standard
73mm BSA Threaded
Max Fork Travel
Forks Steerer Spec
Tapered Forks 1.5″ > 1-1/8″
Seatpost Diameter
Dropper Seatpost Cable Routing
Seat Post Clamp
34.9mm (Included)
Hydraulic Disc Brake Mount Rear
IS Mount (Example: Use Magura adapter QM-9 for 203mm rear rotor or Magura QM-41 for 180mm rear rotor)
Hydraulic Brake Disc Diameter Max (Rear)
Recommended ISCG-05 BB Adapter as shown HERE

DVO Forks Specs

DVO Forks Specs

Diamond Boost Fork Specs
High/Low Speed Comp. – Rebound – OTT
27.5=150-170 | 29er=140-160 (29er 170mm Coming Soon)
Standard Offset Crown
Offset: 27.5=44mm | 29=51mm
Short Offset Crown
Offset: 27.5=37mm | 29=44mm
Axle To Crown
27.5 = 565mm | 29 = 572mm (at max travels)
35mm Tapered Aluminum Alloy
Wheel Size
27.5 & 29
15mm Boost
Steerer Options
Tapered Aluminum Alloy
Brake Disc
Direct Mount 160mm (Post)


Onyx SC Boost Fork Specs
High/Low Speed Comp. – Rebound – OTT
Standard Offset Crown
Magnesium, Disc Only
Axle To Crown
575mm (at max travel)
36mm Tapered Aluminum Alloy
Wheel Size
27.5/650b: Up to 180mm
29er: Up to 180mm
15mm Boost
Steerer Options
Tapered Aluminum Alloy
Brake Disc
Direct Mount 180mm (Post)

Why Chromoly?

Why Chromoly?

Chromoly is much stronger than traditional steel and aluminum alloys. Chromoly is the most earth friendly material that we’ve seen besides bamboo that’s being made into bicycles. Studies show that chromoly requires 6-11 times less energy and emissions than competing materials to mine, manufacture and process.

Most people looking to buy our frame will have their minds made up on chromoly steel frames and prefer this material for their next frame but if you’re new to or curious about this amazing material, here are some of the advantages you’ll hear from experienced riders:


Chromoly steel bike frames possess a natural flex that absorbs sounds. While not completely silent when contact is made with rocks or roost, the ride is very stately feeling. Focus on the path ahead, not nuisances.


You’re buying a bike that will stand the test of time with proper care and maintenance. Imagine owning a bike that can be welded and repaired rather than degrade and be thrown away. Most people consider the user-friendly nature of chromoly to be a very wise investment.


Our steel full suspension mountain bike frames are engineered with controlled flex, working with the natural characteristics of heat treated chromoly and stiffening it up where it’s necessary for maximum efficiency. Chromoly tubing for a mountain bike is very thin yet incredibly strong, it has an inherent flex that people strive for in order to reduce vibrations translated to their hands and feet which works to reduce rider fatigue and increase rider comfort. Ride longer, more comfortably and much harder. Slight flex in the rear keeps the wheel planted in sharp hard turns keeping you on two wheels.


Chromoly’s strength to weight ratio rivals that of titanium yet it’s more affordable. Rest easy knowing what you’ve accepted as norm, steel is strong. Imagine a high-tech, lighter weight yet stronger alloy of steel being made into a frame for your next mountain bike. There are pluses and minuses for every known material being made into a mountain bike frame but welded seems, not glued, is something we personal feel is more solid and secure. Metal melted to metal, not piece, glued to piece. Fancy marketing words will lead you to believe other materials are “one solid piece” (“Monocoque”) but research shows that’s misleading, it’s actually multiple segments glued together into one piece which is strong too for only a comparably very short lifespan. Ride safe though, we can’t be held responsible for your new found feel of steel, ride at your own risk, ride responsible.

Color Examples

Color Examples

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