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Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada with backgrounds in motocross and BMX racing. We found that we couldn’t find a bike from any manufacturer that we agreed with completely. We weren’t about to settle and compromise didn’t exist in our vocabulary so we set forth on a monumental challenge to make a bike that was the best of all the best we’ve ridden, thanks to outside-of-the-box thinking. We’re looking forward to hearing that you agree.

Why Chromoly?
Chromoly has been a direct beneficiary of recent high-tech breakthroughs in science and manufacturing. Pushing high-tech companies to the limits of what can be humanly achieved. Even we were stunned to read online that the highest strength to weight ratio metal is an alloy of chromoly, not titanium. While we aren’t touting our bike to be the lightest on the market, we are proud of being comparable at about 7 lbs. yet much more durable than competitive materials. This is achieved by the trickle down effect. High-tech industries are supplying to multi billion dollar markets that are demanding the best for their products in transportation and when their main market is satisfied, what is left over goes to the smaller industries such as bicycles.

We’re excited to offer our product to the market at an outrageous value. Shopping similar options on the market will yield very high priced results. We believe they’re asking every dime they’re worth. Whoa, yeah we sound kind of contradictory with that statement because we’re selling ours for a fraction of the price. That’s because of a pipe dream of getting more people into the sport and not making people break their banks. We believe our product is the best of all worlds. Scrapping what doesn’t work, reinforcing what does work. Designed for the rigorous demands of extreme Enduro riding and racing. We want you to take this bike down the full DH run at your best speed or hit the pump track and flow.

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