Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

It is the sole responsibility of the website user/or Ferrum Bikes product buyer to read these terms and follow the links below to the terms you are agreeing to be bound by. These terms include: Purchase & Cancellation Terms, Return Terms and Liability Release Waiver Agreement. If our terms are not agreeable to you, cease use of this website and do not purchase a Ferrum product, kindly. Using this site or participating in and or purchasing anything from Ferrum Bikes or associates constitutes acceptance of these terms completely.

Purchase & Cancellation Terms

Parts/Components: In the event a component or part is not available, we will offer a comparable substitute for the same or less cost, if that substitute is offered and you don’t accept, you will be charged a 15% cancellation fee. If a substitute is not available, you will be given a full refund for the part that isn’t available at your request. 
-Frames: Cancellations are subject to a 35% cancellation fee, no exceptions. Please, do not order if you do not agree. Your order is locked in the second it is placed.

Return Terms

No returns of any kind are accepted for any reason at any time. Your order is final, as is.