We Welcome Dealers

Communicate direct with the source. We are happy to provide dealers around the world with a unique product for their clients. Please fill out the contact form for more information. We’d love to speak with you about getting some exciting steel in your shop! We are happy to work with mobile service and tour companies.

Obsessive Dedication
to Craftmanship

Easy to maintain, easy to service and easy on the eyes. Getting Ferrum chromoly steel mountain bike frames into your shop can be a real exciting opportunity. Providing a product line that’s unique and distinctive will set you apart from your competitors and allow you to attract a new demographic.

We can offer a sample cost to you and your crew for evaluation and get you lined up with a Ferrum to rip around for yourself. If you’d like to get on one and shred before you decide to carry our line, please feel free to reach out.

chromoly steel mountain bike frame welds
chromoly steel mountain bike frame welds