Why Ferrum?

We Have Over a Half Decade of Experience

We have been making frames since Late 2017. We have seen a lot and have learned a lot during this time. Where as many new bike brands popped up during the 2020 pandemic, and are still learning. We are not perfect but we strive for amicable and top notch customer service so when someone asks you what frame you have, you’re proud to say “It’s a Ferrum”.

We Incentivize Your Support of Our Brand

Ferrum Bikes Mountain Bike MTB Trail Bike and Enduro Bike Ferrum Family Discount

Ferrum Family Program

We all know that guy/girl that gets the best deals on bike parts because they’re sponsored or they work at a shop. They earned it for sure and so did you by purchasing a Ferrum Bikes mountain bike frame.

How it works:

If you own a Ferrum frame and need any part we sell such as forks, shocks, dropper seat posts, pedals, grips, stems, bars or anything else, we will give you substantial discount like you’re a family member. Because let’s face it, when you’re supporting such a small brand you might as well be part of the family.

Reach out to take advantage of it! We can’t advertise the prices as they’re too low.

Ferrum Bikes Mountain Bike MTB Trail Bike and Enduro Bike Loyalty Discount

Loyalty Program:

If you buy a Ferrum frame from us or any source, we offer loyalty discounts for upgrading or adding another Ferrum to your bike fleet. Just reach out to us for details. We will ask you for some information and we will be happy to inform you what you’re eligible for and what we can offer to you.

Re-Paint/Refresh/Rebuild/Repair Service:

We were the first steel frame brand to offer a rebuild/refresh/re-paint service (instagram post as evidence). If your powdercoat is wearing or you just want a fresh looking like new frame, that’s no problem. For a flat rate, we can prep your frame for re-painting (powdercoating) and rebuild it once completed for a flat fee. We will ship it back to you looking like new.

Sustain damage to your frame from impact or non unwarrantable conditions? We will fix it for free for life. Just pay shipping both ways and painting costs. We cover the labor and materials we use.

chromoly steel mountain bike frame welds
chromoly steel mountain bike frame welds