Frequently Asked Questions


More than likely, your answer is here! Please read first so we can focus on making your mountain bike frames faster 🙂

    • Do you accept full/partial order cancellations?
      Parts/Components: In the event a component or part is not available, we will offer a comparable substitute for the same or less cost, if that substitute is offered and you don’t accept, you will be charged a 15% cancellation fee. If a substitute is not available, you will be given a full refund for the part that isn’t available. 
      -Frames: Cancellations are subject to a 35% cancellation fee, no exceptions. Please, do not order if you do not agree. Your order is locked in the second it is placed.
    • Do you accept returns of any kind?
      -Sorry but no. Due to the handmade nature of our frames, we cannot accept returns. If you’re unhappy with something we will do our best for you in an amicable way that suits both parties.
    • Do you offer frame customizations?
      -Most bike companies don’t offer frame customizations. Unfortunately due to the nature of business and of our need to streamline our operations, we no longer do. We have our process dialed and unable to make untested changes or adjustments. This only causes unnecessary wait times for our awesome customers.
    • Why don’t you list your address or phone number?
      -Most bike builders don’t these days. We did before and we had too many telemarketers calling and we can get really carried away talking about mountain bikes, especially chromoly frame mountain bikes. We concentrate a vast majority of the time that we’re awake to building frames so we can’t afford distractions. Our awesome customers are waiting and we can’t make them wait because we’re chatting with everyone. This is a really cool process we know so we understand how excited people can be. We could talk bikes for days but we need to eat and sleep eventually too 😉
    • Do your frames fit tapered forks?
      -Absolutely! We wouldn’t offer a bike that didn’t. You need a headset standard “44IETS” or “ZS44/28.6 EC44/39.8” which sell for about $15 at the larger bike parts retailers.
    • How much is it to ship to my country?
      -Please add your frame to the cart and you will be given a price BEFORE you checkout. The prices quoted don’t include possible import taxes and fees but we work hard to ensure these fees are low. Also the shipping cost charged to us by our courier is typically double what we charge you but we help pay for your shipping fees so you get the best deal.
    • Will you sponsor me?
      -No sponsorships are available at this time.
    • Can I be an ambassador?
      -Unfortunately we don’t offer ambassadorships at this time.
    • Do you offer racing a contingency program?
      -We have one in the works! Please contact us for details!
    • Can I visit your shop?
      -Unfortunately we don’t offer shop visits as we don’t have a showroom at this time. We will announce when we do though! We concentrate the majority of our our time building frames so we can’t afford distractions. We could talk bikes for days but we need to eat and sleep eventually too 😉