Our warranty is straight-forward. We’re riders like you, we offer what we would expect to be offered. Simple.

Items Covered:

  • The frame we manufacture only – Materials and Workmanship

Items Not Covered:

  • Suspension – The original manufacturer covers these items
  • Wear Items
  • Accessories – The original manufacturer covers these items (Headsets, seat post clamp etc.)


Eligibility for Coverage Requirements:

  1. Original Owner with receipt or proof of purchase OR Secondhand Owner during warranty period.
  2. The frameset is ridden in manner intended on sanctioned terrain designed for mountain bikes.
  3. Material or Workmanship Failure

Our Remedy: Repair or Replacement of damaged piece/segment of frame.


Ineligibility for Coverage:

  • Non-Original Owner OR Second Hand Owner Outside of Warranty Coverage Period
  • No Proof of Purchase
  • Crash
  • Contact with Objects
  • Negligence
  • Accidents
  • Transportation
  • Acts of Nature
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Overtightening of Hardware
  • Lack of Care and Maintenance
  • Lack of Preventative Maintenance

Remedy: Crash Replacement Discount. You will be offered a very high discount for replacement if you wish.

We will do our best to take the best care of you, we don’t want you bike-less. 

Your Responsibility: Crashes, Contact with Objects, Negligence, Accidents, Transportation, Acts of Nature, Dents, Scratches, Over Tightening of hardware, Lack of Care and Maintenance, Lack of Proper Preventative Maintenance etc.
Our Solution: Crash Replacement Discount. You will be offered a very high discount for replacement if you wish.

We will do our best to take the best care of you, we don’t want you bike-less.

Damage from non-riding situations such as fell off of ski lift, fell off of transportation vehicle, act of nature or other similar circumstances aren’t covered by our warranty. Owners are eligible for extreme discounts in the case of non-ordinary use damage such as crash or accident (example: fell off of shuttle van and was ran over rendering it un-rideable).

We offer crash replacement at extreme discounts so if you happen to damage your frame significantly rendering it not safe to ride we will replace it or fix it for as cheap as possible for you. Also if your warranty expires and your frame is damaged, we offer a crash replacement discount.

By purchasing from us at any time, you agree to this statement and these terms. We live in a world of wildly various thinking and expectations. We are in this business because we love this sport more than almost anything and we want to make the best bike frame for you our fellow riders for the best price. We think more people on bikes makes a better world for you, your family and children and us as well. Everything has a monetary cost and we cannot stay in business providing free parts to people that ride recklessly or crash. We are happy to not make a penny for replacement of these items so you can stay riding.

We can’t be pulled away from making frames and focusing on supplying future customers to keep our business strong and stable if were fixing frames that people break on purpose (we can tell if you try this) or if the frame encountered some accident from riding it improperly or owner negligence. We are a bike frame manufacturer, not an insurance company.

Our frame warranty covers our materials and workmanship for structural repairs or frame segment replacement from everyday use and racing. Our frames are made from some of the strongest metal on the earth and designed, engineered and fabricated with extreme care and accuracy to the best of our abilities. We want to keep our customers and fellow riders happy.

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