Why Buy a Ferrum?

There are a lot more options today than when we first started. Why choose us? There are reasons but let’s focus on the main points:

  • 100% Re-investment back into this business for sustainability and longevity. We don’t take a paycheck! In case of warranty claim or other issue, how are we going to repair or replace your frame? Monopoly money? No. Every dollar you spend literally keeps the business on two wheels. Yeah we have to eat but we hope by the time you get 3 friends to buy a Ferrum too, we’ll be able to 😉

  • Experience. We’ve been making bike frames since 2017. We are not hype based although there is some hype around steel frame bikes in general right now. We know what works, we’ve seen a lot and know what doesn’t work.

  • Loyalty discounts. Let’s say you buy our hardtail and decide you love us and what we stand for but you’re ready to go full suspension? We will reward you with a discount for the full suspension model. If you buy a full suspension and want a hardtail? We will reward you with a discount for the hardtail for buying the full suspension. This also applies to new models too so you’re never out full retail price ever again. The discount varies from 10-25% and is dependent on what you’ve purchased from us in the past. Naturally, the more you buy, the more you save.

  • We’re not for everyone. Why is this a good thing? If we were to try and please the masses, we’d never be able to laser focus on what we’re good at and as they say, if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. For example, we only make mountain bike frames, not road frames, etc.