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Lead Time 12-16 Weeks


Choose Your Geometry! USA Built!

Better Durability: Quad Stacked 6902 Pivot Bearings vs Double

Better Options: Custom Geo and Powder Coated vs Painted

Better Price: No one offers this level of product anywhere near this price


You’re looking at the NV160 Chromoly Steel Mountain Bike Frame, designed to redefine your mountain biking experience. Built with meticulous craftsmanship, this frame is equipped with amazing features that are designed to put more focus on the ride. The NV160 embraces modern mountain biking specifications, including metric shock sizing, threaded 73mm BSA bottom bracket, 148mm boost spacing, internal cable routing for dropper seat posts, and compatibility with tapered forks. These contemporary specs are seamlessly integrated into a progressive and exciting package, ready to elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Experience Unmatched Performance with Hydraulic Bottom Out Shock Options

Say goodbye to the limitations of single pivot non-linkage frames. We understand that bottoming out can hinder your ride if you’re not running a shock with a firm compression tune. That’s why we’ve embraced metric shock sizing to allow you to enjoy the revolutionary Hydraulic Bottom Out (HBO) technology. With shocks like the Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate and other leading brands, you can now enjoy the exhilaration of a single pivot steel frame while not having to worry about the huge flat drops bottoming out.

Unleash the Power of Single Pivot

The NV160 is equipped with a stainless steel pivot axle and double-stacked quad 6001-2rs bearings for unrivaled longevity and rigidity where it matters most. Thanks to modern suspension technology, single pivot frames have made a triumphant return. Why choose a single pivot design? Because it offers hassle-free maintenance, budget-friendly options, and a predictably smooth ride, pops, jibs and jumps like no other and is a statement. Experience the perfect blend of amazing ride characteristics, simplicity, and durability with the NV160.

Efficiency Meets Capability: Pedal like Never Before

Don’t sacrifice efficiency for versatility. With the NV160, you can have it all. Our optimized Pivot Point ensures over 100% Anti-squat throughout the bike’s travel, delivering unrivaled pedal efficiency. Every ounce of power you generate is translated into forward motion, rather than being wasted in the suspension. Say goodbye to unnecessary fatigue caused by inefficient pedaling. With the NV160, every pedal stroke propels you with gratuitous efficiency.

Unleash Your Confidence on the Trails

The NV160 boasts a perfect combination of sweet spot geometry and pivot placement. This synergy allows the bike to effortlessly plow through the most challenging terrain. Experience the speedy steel as you roll over big hits with ease, thanks to the 160mm of travel and the resilient steel chassis. Moreover, our low-maintenance chromoly steel frame keeps you on your bike for longer, maximizing your riding time and amplifying your saddle time.

Unparalleled Comfort for Endless Enjoyment

Steel frames have an indescribable feel that must be experienced to be believed. They provide a forgiving ride that is gentle on your joints and some say is sublime. The NV160 is engineered to eliminate or significantly reduce rough chop and harsh vibrations. Say goodbye to fatigue and welcome more stamina on those epic trail days. With our frame, you’ll feel less tired, allowing you to fully embrace the joy of riding your chromoly steel mountain bike frame.

Effortless Maintenance for More Riding Time

We are like you, we’d rather spend more time riding than tinkering with our bike (even though some tinkering can be fun. That’s why we designed the NV160 with a focus on low maintenance. The hallmark of our design is the inclusion of four double stacked pivot bearings, ensuring extended service intervals. Enjoy more uninterrupted rides, knowing that your bike requires less frequent maintenance.

Silence That Enhances Your Ride

Distractions can ruin a perfect ride. Unlike other non-steel frames, the NV160 from Ferrum Bikes is meticulously crafted to minimize unwanted noise. Creaks, cracks, and friction sounds that plague other frames are not typical on our steel frame. While certain unavoidable sounds may still occur, our frame and its assemblies offer a blissfully quiet experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the ride.

Unbeatable Value for an Extraordinary Ride

In your search for a steel full suspension mountain bike frame, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that matches the NV160 in terms of design prowess and quality. Comparable frames on the market fetch prices ranging from $2700 to $3500. While we firmly believe our frame is worth every penny, our mission is to offer extreme value to the mountain biking community. We want to make our mark by providing exceptional quality at an accessible price, helping fellow riders elevate their riding experience.

Durability Redefined: Powder Coating for Lasting Performance

For ultimate durability, the NV160 features a powder-coated finish instead of conventional wet paint. Powder coating involves the application of fine polyurethane particles that are electrically deposited onto the frame’s surface, which are then baked to melt and cure, forming a hardened shell upon curing. This exceptional coating provides enhanced resistance against chipping and adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring your frame stands the test of time.



Additional information


Size 1, Size 2, Size 3

Geometry and Sizing

Custom Geometry and Sizing

Enter your Fork Axle to Crown and BB drop to customize the wheel size you’re intending to run. You can run 29 front and rear, 29 front and 27.5 rear or 27.5 front and rear depending on your fork Axle to Crown and BB drop specification.

We recommend stems 35mm-40mm in length for proper sizing and handling characteristics.

The NV160 was developed with progressive geometry in mind. Utilizing slack geometry with 37-46mm offset forks provides a stable, fast and well handling steed.

Please feel free to Contact Us for sizing help.

Geo Range:

Reach: 400mm – 515mm
Head Tube Angle: 63.5° (170mm Forks) to 65°
Seat Tube Angle: 78°-81°
Headtube Length: 120mm-130mm
Bottom Bracket Drop: 17-33mm
Seat Tube Length: 380-420mm
Chainstay Length: 445-455mm



Custom Geo NV160 Frame Specs

Frame Weight

8lbs 14oz/4kg To 10lbs/4.5kg (Medium-XL – raw, no hardware, no shock)


Not Included
Spec: ZS44-28.6/EC44-40 (example: Cane Creek Part Number BAA0717K or other brand)

Rear Axle


Dropouts and Derailleur Hanger

Option 1: Allotec C82 for SRAM UDH
Option 2: Allotec C52 sliding dropouts
(for changing wheel size and wheelbase) UDH Compatible via Paragon Machine Works UDH Sliding Dropouts Available for Purchase Here (Not Included)

Rear Wheel Travel


Rear Wheel Tire Clearance

Up To ~27.5×2.6″ to 29×2.5″

Rear Shock

210x55mm Metric

Shock Hardware

22x8mm Front and 40x8mm Rear

Hub Spacing Rear

BOOST 148mmx12mm (Axle Included)

Bottom Bracket Standard

73mm BSA Threaded

Forks Steerer Spec

Tapered Forks 1.5″ > 1-1/8″

Max Fork Travel


Seatpost Diameter


Dropper Seatpost Cable Routing


Seat Post Clamp

34.9mm (Included)

Hydraulic Disc Brake Mount Rear

IS Mount (Example: Use Magura adapter QM-9 for 203mm rear rotor or Magura QM-41 for 180mm rear rotor)

Hydraulic Brake Disc Diameter Max (Rear)



Recommended ISCG-05 BB Adapter as shown HERE

Why Chromoly?

Why Chromoly?

Chromoly is much stronger than traditional steel and aluminum alloys. Chromoly is the most earth friendly material that we’ve seen besides bamboo that’s being made into bicycles. Studies show that chromoly requires 6-11 times less energy and emissions than competing materials to mine, manufacture and process.

Most people looking to buy our frame will have their minds made up on chromoly steel frames and prefer this material for their next frame but if you’re new to or curious about this amazing material, here are some of the advantages you’ll hear from experienced riders:


Chromoly steel bike frames possess a natural flex that absorbs sounds. While not completely silent when contact is made with rocks or roost, the ride is very stately feeling. Focus on the path ahead, not nuisances.


You’re buying a bike that will stand the test of time with proper care and maintenance. Imagine owning a bike that can be welded and repaired rather than degrade and be thrown away. Most people consider the user-friendly nature of chromoly to be a very wise investment.


Our steel full suspension mountain bike frames are engineered with controlled flex, working with the natural characteristics of heat treated chromoly and stiffening it up where it’s necessary for maximum efficiency. Chromoly tubing for a mountain bike is very thin yet incredibly strong, it has an inherent flex that people strive for in order to reduce vibrations translated to their hands and feet which works to reduce rider fatigue and increase rider comfort. Ride longer, more comfortably and much harder. Slight flex in the rear keeps the wheel planted in sharp hard turns keeping you on two wheels.


Chromoly’s strength to weight ratio rivals that of titanium yet it’s more affordable. Rest easy knowing what you’ve accepted as norm, steel is strong. Imagine a high-tech, lighter weight yet stronger alloy of steel being made into a frame for your next mountain bike. There are pluses and minuses for every known material being made into a mountain bike frame but welded seems, not glued, is something we personal feel is more solid and secure. Metal melted to metal, not piece, glued to piece. Fancy marketing words will lead you to believe other materials are “one solid piece” (“Monocoque”) but research shows that’s misleading, it’s actually multiple segments glued together into one piece which is strong too for only a comparably very short lifespan. Ride safe though, we can’t be held responsible for your new found feel of steel, ride at your own risk, ride responsible.

Color Examples

Color Examples

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1 Year Repair
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